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Author's Kit - ICST Publication

For formating of your paper, please follow the guidelines set out by ACM below.


Please see the instructions on this page.


  • Please prepare your paper using the 2-column format. View the guidelines and templates in DOC or PDF format, or download from ACM here, and please read the below instructions.
  • If you have downloaded the templates directly from ACM, then please make sure that you do not use the 'Categories and Subject Descriptors' and the 'General Terms' sections in your paper at all.
  • For invited papers, please add the line "(Invited Paper)" after the title of your paper.
  • Your paper must be submitted in PDF format. A PDF creator can be downloaded for Windows here.
  • Failure to meet the formatting guidelines set by ICST, could result in your paper not being included in the Proceedings CD.
  • Please note that you will see this box at the bottom of the first page. This must remain in this location on your paper ie. at the bottom of the left column. This is the ICST copyright and document/conference identification. Please, fill the bottom of this box with the following values:

    * Bionetics'07, December 10-13, 2007, Budapest, Hungary.
    * Copyright 2007 ICST 978-963-9799-11-0



Main conference and bioinformatics track: Regular papers and invited papers are allowed up to 10 pages and short papers are allowed up to 4 pages, including all figures, tables and references. Extra pages will incur additional charges on the registration pages.

Workshops (SAC, GEC, CCBS): Regular papers are allowed up to 8 pages. Short papers up to 4 pages.

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