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Camera ready preparation Guidelines

Dear Authors,

Congratulation, your paper has been accepted for the ICST Event: Bionetics 2008. To be included in the conference proceeding, please make sure that you have done three things, viz camera ready paper, copy right form, and registration. The following is the instruction of camera ready preparation. Regarding to registration, it will be announced shortly, so please check the conference website for updates.

Important Date

Camera-ready paper & copy right form: September 20, 2008

Camera ready format

Camera-Ready papers have to be uploaded into the ICST CMC (Conference Management Center) at

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be notified along with information once your account is created an account in the CMC system. Once logged in, select the conference/workshop you wish to upload a Camera-Ready paper for. Fill out ALL information for your paper, include all co-authors of your paper and please make sure to double-check for errors before submission
  1. Please prepare your paper using the 2-column format. View the guidelines and templates in DOC or PDF format, or download from ACM here, and please follow the instructions below.
  2. If you have downloaded the templates directly from ACM, please use the Alternate Style and make sure that you do not use the 'Categories and Subject Descriptors' and the 'General Terms' sections in your paper.
  3. For invited papers, please add the line (Invited Paper) after the title of your paper.
  4. Your paper must be submitted in PDF format, and please make sure that all fonts and subset fonts are embedded.
  5. We strongly encourage authors to use Times-Roman fonts. If a font face is used that is not recognized by the submission system, your paper will not be reproduced correctly.
  6. Do not put page numbers on your document. We will add appropriate page numbers to accepted papers when the conference proceedings are assembled.
  7. Regular papers and invited papers are allowed up to 8 pages and short papers are allowed up to 4 pages, including all figures, tables and references. For the workshops, please refer to the guidelines given by the workshop organizers.
  8. Please note that you will see this box at the bottom of the first page. This must remain in this location on your paper ie. at the bottom of the left column. This is the ICST copyright and document/conference identification. Please, fill the bottom of this box with the following values:

  9. Bionetics'08, November 25-28, 2008, Hyogo, Japan.
    Copyright 2008 ICST 978-963-9799-35-6.

    If you are a latex user, please add the following text after \begin{document}  
    \conferenceinfo{Bionetics}{'08, November 25-28, 2008, Hyogo, Japan}
    \copyrightetc{Copyright \the\copyrtyr\ ICST \the\acmcopyr}

Copy right form


Copy right form can be submitted electronically through the CMC system after you upload the camera ready paper. If you have any question concerning camera ready preparation and copy right form, please contact the publication chair:

Dr. Suyong Eum (bionetics08-submissions@