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ICST Conference

Notice: The following program is only tentative and may still change.

Technical Program

Each paper is assigned a 25 min. slot with 20 min. for the presentation itself and additional 5 min. for Q&A. All speakers are asked to meet with their session chair in the break prior to their presentation and should prepare a short biography of 2-3 lines for a short introduction of the speakers, their background, and their current research interest.

Day 1: November 25, 2008 (Tuesday)
13:3013:45Opening Speeches
13:4514:45Keynote Speech 1: Perspectives on New-Generation NetworksHideo Miyahara (NICT, Japan)
14:4515:10Invited Paper 1: An Algorithm to Estimate Delay Times in a Petri Net Model of Signaling Pathway with Experimental DataKanji Hioka, Yoshimasa Miwa (Yamaguchi Univ., Japan), Chen Li (Human Genome Center, Tokyo Univ., Japan), Qi-Wei Ge, Hiroshi Matsuno (Yamaguchi Univ., Japan), Satoshi Miyano, Chen Li (Human Genome Center, Tokyo Univ., Japan)
15:1015:30Coffee Break
15:3016:45Session 1: Robustness in Biological SystemsChair: TBA
Bio-Inspired Fault-ToleranceElena Dubrova (Royal Inst. of Tech., Sweden)
Stability cannot be derived from the local structure in biochemical networksPeter van Nes, Domenico Bellomo, Marcel J.T. Reinders, Dick de Ridder (Delft Univ. of Tech., Netherlands)
Synthetic ecosystem of Escherichia coli for discovery of novel cooperative and self-adaptive algorithmsKazufumi Hosoda, Kotaro Mori, Yasunori Shiroguchi, Yoshinori Yamauchi (Osaka Univ., Japan), Akiko Kashiwagi (Hirosaki Univ., Japan), Tetsuya Yomo (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Day 2: November 26, 2008 (Wednesday)
9:0010:40Session 2: Routing and Network SecurityChair: TBA
Fault Tolerant Mechanism of Bio-inspired Adaptive Routing SystemAkiyuki Iwasaki, Tadasuke Nozoe, Takashi Kawauchi, Masahiro Okamoto (Kyushu University, Japan)
A Self-Healing Multipath Routing ProtocolThomas Meyer, Lidia Yamamoto, Christian Tschudin (Univ. of Basel, Switzerland)
Signed and Weighted Trust Credentials in FragletsFabio Martinelli, Marinella Petrocchi (IIT-CNR, Italy)
Review of Trust and Machine Ethics Research: Towards a bio-inspired Computational Model on Ethical Trust (CMET)Hock Chuan Lim, Rob Stocker, Henry Larkin (Univ. of NSW/ADFA, Australia)
10:4011:00Coffee Break
11:0012:00Keynote Speech 2: Adaptive Response of Fluctuating Gene Network Tetsuya Yomo (Osaka Univ., Japan)
12:0013:30Lunch Break
13:3015:10Session 3: Network Topology ControlChair: TBA
Application of Attractor Selection to Adaptive Virtual Network Topology ControlYuki Koizumi (Osaka Univ., Japan), Takashi Miyamura (NTT, Japan), Shin'ichi Arakawa (Osaka Univ., Japan), Eiji Oki, Kohei Shiomoto (NTT, Japan), Masayuki Murata (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Self-Organized Event Detection in Sensor Networks using Bio-inspired Promoters and InhibitorsFalko Dressler (Univ. of Erlangen, Germany)
Bee-Inspired Data Collection Methods for P2P Streaming SystemsTomoki Yoshihisa (Osaka Univ., Japan), Tadashi Nakano, Shun N. Watanabe, Tatsuya Suda (UC Irvine, USA)
A Synchronization Metric for Meshed NetworksAlexander Tyrrell, Gunther Auer (DoCoMo Euro-Labs, Germany), Christian Bettstetter (Univ. of Klagenfurt, Austria)
15:1015:30Coffee Break
15:3016:45Session 4: Resource Management in Distributed SystemsChair: TBA
A Swarm-Inspired Resource Distribution for SMT ProcessorsHongzhou Chen, Lingdi Ping, Xuezeng Pan, Kuijun Lu, Xiaoning Jiang (Zhejiang Univ., China)
Applying Self-Aggregation to Load Balancing: Experimental ResultsElisabetta Di Nitto, Daniele Joseph Dubois, Raffaela Mirandola (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Fabrice Saffre, Richard Tateson (BT, UK)
Constraint Optimization in Call Admission Control Domain with a NeuroEvolution AlgorithmXu Yang (Macao Polytech. Inst., Macao), John Bigham (Queen Mary Univ. of London, UK)
19:0021:00Conference Banquet
Day 3: November 27, 2008 (Thursday)
9:0010:15Session 5: Biomolecular Models and Experimental AnalysisChair: TBA
On Molecular Multiple-Access, Broadcast, and Relay Channels in NanonetworksBaris Atakan, Ozgur Akan (Middle East Tech. Univ., Turkey)
Metabolic Flux Balance Analysis of an Industrially Useful Microorganism Corynebacerium glutamicum by A Genome-Scale Reconstructed ModelHiroshi Shimizu, Yohei Shinfuku, Masahiro Sono, Chikara Furusawa, Takashi Hirasawa (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Quantitative expression analysis using oligonucleotide microarrays based on a physico-chemical model Naoaki Ono, Shingo Suzuki, Chikara Furusawa, Hiroshi Shimizu, Tetsuya Yomo (Osaka Univ., Japan)
10:1510:35Coffee Break
10:3512:15Session 6: Dynamics of Complex and Social NetworksChair: TBA
ELASTICITY: Topological Characterization of Robustness in Complex NetworksAli Sydney, Caterina Scoglio, Phillip Schumm (Kansas State Univ., USA), Robert Kooij (Delft Univ. of Tech., Netherlands)
Association in Multi-agent Simulations of Dynamic Random Social NetworksRob Stocker, Henry Larkin (Univ. of NSW/ADFA, Australia)
On Socially-Inspired Cooperative and Efficient Overlay Network Evolution based on Group Selection PatternYufeng Wang (NICT, Japan), Akihiro Nakao (NICT/Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Algebraic connectivity optimization via link additionHuijuan Wang, Piet Van Mieghem (Delft Univ. of Tech., Netherlands)
12:1513:45Lunch Break
13:4514:10Invited Paper 2: Three models for gene assembly in ciliates: a comparisonMiika Langille, Ion Petre, Vladimir Rogojin (Abo Akademi Univ., Finland)
14:1014:35Invited Paper 3: Molecular Communication on Artificial Cell MembranesJun-ichi Kikuchi, Masaru Mukai (NAIST, Japan), Yoshihiro Sasaki (Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ., Japan), Satoshi Hiyama, Yuki Moritani (NTT DoCoMo, Japan), Tatsuya Suda (UC Irvine, USA)
14:3514:55Coffee Break
14:5516:35Session 7: Biologically-Inspired Engineering Mechanisms and Test-bedsChair: TBA
A Biologically Inspired Technique for Sampling of Color ImagesRajesh Raut, Kishore Bhurchandi (SRKN Eng. Coll., India)
Cost-effective Base Station Deployment Approach Based on Artificial Immune SystemsDjalma Carvalho Filho, Marcelo Alencar (Federal Univ. of Campina Grande, Brazil)
Test-bed Platform for Bio-inspired Distributed Systems Ichiro Satoh (National Inst. of Informatics, Japan)
Using Virtualization to Simulate Biological CellsAhmad Bazzi, Yoshikuni Onozato, Rihito Saito (Gunma Univ., Japan)
16:3516:50Closing and Farewell
Day 4: November 28, 2008 (Friday)
9:0012:00Workshops CCBS & TAIS (parallel sessions)